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Set in the fictional present, this stripped down version of the play offers a perspective of this much beloved story with something for everyone. Because King Hamlet was a man… take him for all in all.

How does Hamlet feel about his country and his obligations?

Does Gertrude deserve to be vilified as much as she is?

Is Ophelia wiser than people give her credit for?

How can Laertes process the horrific situation he's thrust in to?

Does Claudius have a conscience?

Fortinbras is no longer someone to worry about… or is she?

A production that shines a light on the feminist aspects of this story, the poignant messages about life, death, war, and grey areas, and the wickedly funny humor that's often glossed over in this play, this production is not to be missed!

Running time: approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, which includes one 15 minute intermission.

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Proof of Covid vaccination, along with photo ID are required for attendees! Wearing a mask is also required! Thank you!

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