Current season (virtual shows)

Three short plays. All of these shows will be online, due to the Covid pandemic.
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By Caryl Churchill

April 30th, and May 7th, 7:30 PM PST

Poster for Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen

In a fictional version of 2010 London, the pollution has become so rampant that there is very little breathable air left. Because of this, people are forced to stay in their homes as much as possible, if not completely, and to make matters worse there are fanatics wreaking havoc. (Can you imagine a life such as this?) Citizens live in one room cellblocks and the story centers around Vivian and Mick. Vivian wants to move in with him, even though she’s married to someone else and Mick yearns for a cottage in the country. He hopes his son, a celebrated musician, will be of some help.

What You Need
A new play by Valerie Asbell

June 4th to 13th.

What You Need poster

Late April, 2020. The world has been in lockdown for about a month due to the corona virus. In a time of fear and uncertainty, Emma ponders is if it’s OK to spend part of her stimulus check on a piano. During a pandemic, can a person justify spending money on something that’s for self-care and ultimately will be good for their mental well-being? Or is the pandemic all the more reason to do it?

June 26th and 27th
Available to stream on the Clever Enough Vimeo page for 24 hours on both those days.
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Poster for The Judge's Wife

A bigoted judge who is notorious for giving extremely cruel sentences serves yet another dose of harsh fate to a young man named Vernon Warren. This sparks nation wide protests and a wave of anger throughout the country. Vernon’s brother intends to take matters into his own hands and meanwhile we see what the judge’s home life is like. Not everything is as it seems and the audience is left to consider how someone may use their privilege to bring about change, and the different intentions they may or may not have.

All shows are directed by Valerie Asbell and will be available to steam online for free. (Suggested donation $5) We hope you’ll join us for these important plays.

To quote a British poet, we’re gonna say the unsayable, and play the unplayable!

Caucasian red head woman giving rock n roll sign

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

All three of these productions are amateur productions.