Mission Statement

Clever Enough is a theater company which produces plays that carry strong messages. We believe in the importance of theater holding a mirror up to society because it inspires thought provoking conversations and brings people together. We believe in showing the range of the human condition because it helps people learn about themselves and about others. What's more, we hold strongly the belief that art (the performing arts and other types) is absolutely essential in life. It is our goal and our passion to continuously provide the populace access to the performing arts in every way we can, whether thatís attendance, participation, or both. Furthermore, in the work we do, we hope to inspire others to create art of their own. We know that a personís exposure to art can put them on a path to creating amazing things themselves.

Our staff:

Valerie Asbell, Artistic Director, Founder


Valerie has a long history in the performing arts, in every aspect. She is an award winning actor, an award winning photographer, a playwright and a director. Sheís also done much of the behind the scenes work such as set building, prop, costume and rig and focus crew, designing, PR, building this website youíre reading, and more. Some of her biggest influences (from theater and other areas) include Caryl Churchill, Shakespeare, bell hooks, Tony Kushner and more. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Hollywood) for a year, and she also has an AA in Theater Arts from Los Angeles Valley College and a BA in Theater Arts with a Minor in Womenís Studies from Portland State University. She has appeared in stage and film both in the Portland metro area and Los Angeles.

Darrell Lynn, Company Member


Darrell has a long history of the arts and enjoys passing down this tradition to his loving family. His experience includes acting and also teaching. He's very active in renaissance faires and he's also an avid fencer! We are very thankful for the tireless work he does for Clever Enough